The Virgin Posts

I sit here looking at the white space, virginal as a bride’s gown, and I’m giddy. After a couple of years struggling to catch up with this century where my youngest grandchild, age four, can do more with a computer than I can, maybe I’m catching up. So join me in celebration of growing up at any age.

The photo is new taken by a talented photographer, Marv Litman, right here in Pearl River, NY. Thanks, Marv, for your time, patience and friendship.

My husband and I decided to be BFF. This conversation took place during an unseemly time in a doctor’s office this week. So this afternoon he sauntered into my office to declare he wanted to remove the little trampoline from our small living room. I explained that our grandest grandchild loved it, played happily there instead of running looney tunes all over our vintage Cape Cod. “Unacceptable,” he said. “I want a divorce.” Long pause. “NO,” I said. And we laughed.

Young people get divorced over small things now. Not like in the old days where a sense of humor went a long way. . .and still does.

What’s your take?


27 thoughts on “The Virgin Posts

  1. Hi Charmaine! I hope this finds you well and moving better than you have in a long time, girlfriend! Love the new pic, too! Young people today do need to talk things out more but as always, the problems always seem to be about money…plan more, spend less, figure out how you will support yourself in the future should the government be unable to help with social security. Those younger need to realize that it may become a reality if things don’t change. How will we survive if we only have ourselves to depend on? Saving more must become a priority. the sooner one starts, the more the compound interest will help you to help yourself! I could go off on a tangent here but know better…plan ahead, depend on yourself and not others and be able to hold your head high!

    Take care and we’ll chat again soon! Miss you!!


    • So good to hear from you, Deanna. I think of you often. Rotator cuff surgery not long after the hip has made life difficult, but typing one handed is a necessity. Moving on, I’m a firm believer in planning ahead and standing on your own. Hard to put an old head on young shoulders but the future is now.

      New book coming to a conclusion soon. We’ll chat some more.
      Love, Charmaine

  2. Charmaine,
    I agree. I think part of the reason people give up on marriage more easily and quickly than they did in years gone by is what I call our “fast food mentality.” People have become accustomed to getting everything they want in the blink of an eye. So, when there’s trouble in paradise, they walk away instead of going for the long haul. Good or bad? Who knows?

  3. Love the new website Charmaine!! My husband and I have a great sense of humor with each other. We often joke about things other people probably wouldn’t find funny. But it works for us!

  4. People are divorcing over tuna. He wants Chicken of the Sea in oil; she wants Starkist in water. End of marriage. Laugh if off, I’m thinking, though I might pause and think about it if things came to trampolines in the living room.


    • “He says Tomatoe, I say tomahto, he says potatoe, I say potahto. Tomatoe,tomahto; potatoe,potatahto. Let’s call the whole thing off.” Next!

      Truly Malcolm, you’d object to a little trampoline in the living room?

  5. Charmaine: Love your blog. I have yet to master WordPress. And a lot of other techie stuff, too. As for having a sense of humor, especially in a marriage, I’m all for it. Laughing at the little irritations in life is a life-saver, if not a marriage-saver. Glad you can experience that.
    Now, I’m gonna see if WordPress still hates me.

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