What Song Titles Have Real Meaning to you?


The song most often heard in my head is “DON”T STOP.” Fleetwood Mac’s big hit in 1977.

“Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here. It’ll be better than before.

Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone.”

We all make mistakes and often dwell on the ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda.’ The reality is yesterday’s gone. For a richer life move on, make amends in other ways maybe by giving back to your community, a smile to  person passing by, an offer of help by lifting a bag of groceries. As long as we live, reach out and remember, yesterday’s gone.

What song title touches you?

17 thoughts on “What Song Titles Have Real Meaning to you?

  1. Congratulations, Charmaine–you did it! See, it isn’t so hard! As for song titles, I listen mostly to classical and baroque guitar music these days, since that is what my husband plays professionally. But let’s see: I love songs about honoring nature, so I guess my favorite is “This is My Father’s World.” I think of the “Father” in the song title as my own beloved father, who died two and a half years ago. I am, of course, a believer more in Mother Earth than Father God, and yet, this song touches me to the soul.

    • Easy for you, Smoky-difficult for me as you drag me kicking and screaming into this century. Thanks for confiding your song preference, so personal. Now that you mention it, I recall a song called, “My Mother’s Eyes.” Mom died at age fifty one, suddenly. I still see her. She would have been a hundred now. But yesterday’s gone. Yes, yesterday’s gone.

  2. Perhaps if you just allowed yourself to be gently led instead of kicking and screaming–meaning, you told yourself that you’re a smart cookie and can, indeed, master this–you wouldn’t be so fearful of the computer!

    Speaking of Mom’s, mine turns 90 in a week. I’m flying out to Indianapolis on Tuesday to visit friends, family, and attend her birthday party!

    • I can never post on your blog but my favorite piece of music isn’t really a song. It’s the 1812 Overture, played at high volumn. Have a funny story about that. Was driving down Franklin Street in my home town, a hang out for teens, Windows on the car down. 1812 blaring. Stopped at a traffic light. Several young man ran over. “Lady what’s that song? That’s cool.” Cannons were booking. I told them and drove off. Maybe interested some of them in classical musci. Janet

  3. Just the titles, or the songs? “In My Daughter’s Eyes” used to make me cry because I didn’t have a daughter. Now it makes me cry because I do have one. It’s a beautiful song.

  4. If I take into account the whole song, Blackhawk’s “Down in Flames” is most meaningful to me. The song was on the radio when my husband and I were dating. Everyone said we were crazy and wouldn’t last, but that was 16 years ago and we’re closer than ever. This is from the song — OUR song. *grin* It says it all.

    “I don’t know or care where this road leads
    Just as long as at the end
    It’s you and me
    We can feel our hearts, beggin’ us to go
    If we don’t leave now, we’ll never know
    And if our love should crash and burn
    We’ll take that chance, for all it’s worth.”

    So glad to have gotten connected, Charmaine. Have a wonderful week!

  5. Hi Granny! As a musical person many many songs relate to my crazy adventurous life. To answer your question, I would have to say The Pixies “where is mind”. So busy as a mother, wife, employee, boss, cook, maid lol I feelat times I just can’t keep up and often wonder “what was I doing” or WHERE IS MY MIND!

    enjoying your blog!



    • Darling Jen,
      So pleased you stopped by to visit. I’m always happy to hear from you. It’s been a rough time but I’m improving and hope you and yours are well. You’ll find that clever mind when the kids are a bit older.

  6. …late to the party as usual, this is a very interesting thread.

    While I do have favorite songs they usually depend on my mood at the time (ie: “Our Time Will Come” works when I need encouragement). Mostly it’s a beat that does it for me – when I am trying to get things done I need a heavy, fast tempo to kind of wake up my brain and get me going.

      • This is from Joice Overton, a VHP author, former songwriter who had trouble posting. Hmm.:
        Charmaine: (ha I got it spelled correctly I think) Anyway in answer to your Post about favorite songs….gotta share this with you….several years ago I was writing song lyrics and had a great co-author that put music and generally voice to each song. We wrote one together that is still being played in the craziest places like Sydney Aus. and Denmark etc. It was titled “If it’s Alright For Me to Cry” ….we had just missed a western movie using three of our songs, and when my partner called to ask me about what happened and I told him…he asked ” are you alright?” and I replied……(title)……….guess it would have to be my favorite since we are still drawing small music royalties on it through BMI.

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