Love Letter to My Only Daughter and Best Friend

Dearest Amy,

Today’s your birthday. The years piled up when we weren’t looking. From a tiny pink bundle, you’ve matured into an amazing strong and loving woman. Many times I watched as you stood your ground demanding equal rights in a household full of brothers. My little feminist. I learned a lot from you and still do. We practiced hitting  tennis balls until you went into competitive tennis and then traveling all over, I was on the sidelines watching wins and losses as years rolled past. Now you’re a teacher with your own small child, my grandest granddaughter. She reminds me of you, funny, lovable, kind and a little jock.

You fill my heart with joy each day, my daughter, mybest friend. Here’s to many more happy days. Mom


12 thoughts on “Love Letter to My Only Daughter and Best Friend

  1. Happy Birthday (a day late) to Amy.
    Amy, I’ve seen your mom’s eyes shine when she talks of you and the absolute joy she glows with when your precious daughter is with her. And from the few conversations I’ve had with you, I know the love and admiration is mutual.
    You two are so lucky to have each other.

  2. This is from a friend who had difficulty leaving a comment: I was talking to a mother of four boys on Friday. She had kept trying for the girl and oh boy! Literally, oh boy, after oh boy after oh boy. I came up with the concept that if you only have boys then you talk to them, really talk to them and your relationship is just as strong. Those boys become talkers and thinkers and romantics and understand the machinations of the female mind…well try to. Why do I say this…because I see so many parents with a boy and a girl or two boys and two girls, the father takes the boys and the mother takes the girls, the weekends are split, the mother turns harshly to the boy and admonishes him publicly, then turns to the girl with dulcit tones. I don’t know what the perfect combination is. The combination of children you are graced with is a blessing in whichever permutation, to be cherished. I heard a quote yesterday…nothing can grow without patience. If I am the lioness then they are little lion men. No girl have I, a little princess would have been wonderful, but I remain the sole queen with my princes. That’s the way it has turned out and what a turn out. But…as my mother-in-law keeps reminding me…”Some Day three daughters-in-law you will have.”
    God bless you Charmaine for your beautiful heart. Kirsty

  3. How lucky your daughter is to have you as a mom and how fortunate for you to be able to write this most heartfelt letter to your daughter. My mom is blind, and I am unable to receive letters such as these or any kind from her anymore. I even miss the gift tags where she wrote just my name in her beautiful penmanship. This is beautiful.

  4. I wrote beautiful twice. I should really take one back. I’ll replace the first “beautiful” with cursive. ‘in her cursive penmanship.’

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