Where did I park my car?????????????

So carefully did I park the car in a new place at the mega mall and why a new place?  Because running late it made sense. I found the perfect spot right near Macy’s, hurried in, and rushed up the escalator to the top floor where the Hudson Valley Romance Writer’s meet once a month.  Ten minutes late, I joined the gang already deep in discussion. So far so good. Three hours later, the meeting ended. My plan was to hang out with my favorite munchkin. Keeping in mind I’d parked in a new place, I retraced my steps to discover. . .Somebody must have stolen my car OR after searching the small section where said car should have been. . .Somebody definitely made off with my car. Call the cops? Uh, no. I called my daughter. Better than a cop. She’s a teacher.

She answered her cell phone immediately. After all, I’m the mom who might be in mortal danger at any given moment. “Wait right there. No one would steal your car. You’ve made a mistake.” Duh. I’m an author. A together person writing Survive and Thrive books, not known for mistakes.  Ten minutes later, she pulled up the ramp, hopped out to rescue her mom with a bottle of water and my grandest granddaughter, age four calling, “Granny, we’ve come to rescue you.”

A turn around the section we were in and then she drove down one level to another ramp where my car was really parked. “Just a mistake, Mom.” “No biggie, Gran.”  What a dope.

Has this ever happened to you? Well if it has or does in the future, call my daughter. She’ll find it.






12 thoughts on “Where did I park my car?????????????

  1. Ha ha! Reminds me of I had a friend who used to just keep pressing the unlock button on her keychain because it beeped when it unlocked her car. So in a vast parking filled with a sea of cars, she held out the keychain and just kept pressing the remote unlock button, then followrf the beeps until she found her car. 🙂

  2. Of course I’ve done that. A couple of times. You would think I’d learn, but evidently not. I went with a friend to visit another friend in a hospital I’m not acquainted with, in the Mid-Cities area that is plagued by road construction. I could see the hospital, but couldn’t get to it. Around and around I drove, with my friend acting as a “spotter” so I could find the hospital’s parking lot. Found it and swung into the lot. Went up to visit our friend, then when we left, we couldn’t locate my car.
    I went back inside the building and retraced my steps. Okay. Still didn’t find it. It was getting dark, we were in an unfamiliar area, and I was getting worried. At last, we figured out we had exited at another building altogether. Keeping an eye on the main building, we walked through two parking areas before we found my car.
    But I have a medical excuse for forgetting where something is: I have SLE, or Lupus, and we call that a Lupus Lapse. Or, less gracefully, we call it a brain fart.

    • Too funny. Shows you need a sense of humor to get through life. Lots of songs from the old days refer to humor, Marilyn. One comes to mind, “Let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy, rainy day.” Simplistic and true. Hey, you’re becoming an expert at commenting!

  3. This is a copy from my friend Kirsty. Yes I did misplace my car…Target three children under four…and had not the faintest idea, which level it was on…my husband had to come and get me…I was slumped on the floor with my stroller, cart and Baby Bjorn, crying like a baby.

    Not to mention the number of times, I have tried to force my key into someone else’s lock and the owners have come back to find me, in what can only be described, a compromising position!

    • You paint a perfect picture of frustration. Just remembered the time we stopped in Georgia overnight returning from 3 months in FL. Car loaded, I went back into the motel to get one more bag, stashed it in the back and slid in the passenger’s side to find a stranger in front. Yikes! Wrong car, wrong husband. Sorry, said I and backed out grabbing my bag. Husband missed the whole thing. He wondered what took me so long.

  4. Your story has a happy ending! Horray for the daughter and grand-daughter to the rescue! Once, I drove home from a girlfriend’s house, where I had visited several times, and experienced an anxiety attack and bipolar mood swing so full of cruelty, I forgot my way home and got lost. I ended in the next town some 30 miles away, crying hysterically, confused.

  5. I have misplaced my car, but managed to find it on my own. I seldom go to the mall, so it’s not too hard to locate in a smaller lot, LOL. (I have dreamed *many* times I could not find my car. So strange!) Glad you managed to find it. I hope the kids let you live it down, lol.

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