My grandest didn’t want to take a bath without her weary mom hanging out. What to do, what to do. This wily Granny lured her not with, “Have an apple ,dearie” like the wicked witch in a fairy tale. No. I had a candle in a jar. “How about this fun thing to do, honey? I’ll light the candle, turn out the lights in the bathroom and you can have a bubble bath in the dark with Gran sitting at the edge of the tub?”

Blue eyes sparkled with mischief as we prepared the scene. Covered with foam, she sang to me in her sweet voice with a surprising hip beat. Laughing, we managed to wash and rinse her blond hair. Dripping wet she escaped to the living room to climb on her mom. “Surprise,” she said. My daughter opened smiling eyes and whispered, “Thanks, Mom.”

Sometimes you have to be a little creative to make a difference.



4 thoughts on “A BATH BY CANDLELIGHT

  1. Oh, I can soooo relate to your interaction with your grand! I have two granddaughters who, when they spend the night, share a bubble bath and a candle. The water gets cold before they;re willing to come out…..

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