Shuffle the cards again. I don’t like this hand you’ve dealt!

The past we tread can be smooth as flagstone yet sometimes we stumble along pebbles and stones on the road. Now I’ve run into a hurdle big as a boulder. The results of a test came back and this time it’s not a winner. I hear the doctor say, “You have multiple myeloma,” and look around to see whom he’s speaking. Words like bone marrow, treatable, and drugs hang in the small room.

“Maybe the test is wrong. He shakes his head. “Definitive.”

Another glitch just when I thought it was safe to go into the water.

I write books about fictional women who survive and thrive. So will I.

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24 thoughts on “Shuffle the cards again. I don’t like this hand you’ve dealt!

  1. Hugs! Praying for strength and healing vibes. You are a strong woman & yes you will overcome! Know you are always in my thoughts & on my mid even when I don’t say it. Love you Granny!

  2. With your positive attitude, sense of humor, and love of life, I believe if anyone can beat it, you can. Sending you much love, positive vibes, and prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. XO

  3. My tough, smiling cookie can climb over any boulder. Love, Elf
    P.S. Sending rock crushing vibes at the boulder.

  4. Whip it into submission, Charmaine! If anyone can do it, you can. My Feisty Fjords Friend has the strength! Love, Liz

  5. I was hoping it was fiction, but I see that it’s not. I am so sorry, Charmaine. Fight it. You can win.

  6. Copied from an email:Oh, Charmaine–what can I say. I’m so, so very sorry to hear this news. Please know that my thoughts are with you, and that the VHP family will be behind you all the way. May God give you strength and comfort.
    Many thanks to Robert for reaching out.

  7. Mommy, You are my rock, my love, my life. The most wonderful, kindest mother and Granny to my daughter. I am with you all the way, we will take hold of this and somehow take this head on. Me and you mom. and Donny and Paulie. I am so devastated over this but am praying with my entire soul and being. I love you mom. Its indescribable ( hope I spelled that right but actually i really don’t care) xoxoxo mommy

  8. You will survive and you will be strong. Pump only positive thoughts into your veins. Get a second opinion. Sending virtual hugs (((HUG))) I will say a prayer for you tonight, Charmaine.

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