Frisbees make great placemats

When a grandchild lives at your home for a while, protocol goes out the window. For instance: instead of sitting at the dining room table for a meal, I sit next to her sharing a very small table meant for one because she says, “Grans, keep me company, please.” Who can resist? Papa, of course. He heads for the porch, newspaper and plate in hand. Meanwhile back to the frisbe. Did you know a dinner plate fits nicely into a frisbee? Do you care? I found out one evening when I set my plate down on what I thought was a place mat. When the plate began to rock ever so gently, I checked underneath and there it was. Cool I thought and smiled. A matched set wouldn’t cost much. When they move out, we can have a party and first throw frisbe’s around the yard for prizes. Then shake off the grass and dirt and return them to our elegantly set dining room table for filet mignon, veggies, and creme brulee.

RSVP by 7/31. You’re all invited



4 thoughts on “Frisbees make great placemats

  1. That’s a fun idea, Charmaine! If you were having a bigger party (or even a small one, like yours), you could buy new Frisbees, wash them thoroughly, and simply use them as plates. Then rinse them off and your guests have party favors to take home!

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