Mom, please put your cell phone down.

A week in Cape May, NJ and I want to relax on the beach, reread my latest book Sin of Omission, authors do that, you know, and one eye is at the water where daughter keeps saying, “Smile, honey.” Geez! To me, this is not a captured moment although my grandest granddaughter is one yummy kid. My daughter grips the iphone or whatever the heck it is- a lifeline to the world-until the munchkin, wise beyond her 4 and a half years, says, “Mom,please put your cell phone down.” Startled at this remarkable unheard of request, daughter does exactly that. From then on, mother and daughter frolic in the ocean no longer distracted by an electronic device.

I grew up in a more quiet time. You wanted to communicate, you made a phone call. No driving with a conversation going; and texting? Hey write a letter. Give me peace and quiet so I can read a good book and write another.

What are your thoughts about this?



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