A Bikini and a Cane

Looks peaceful, doesn’t it? Sunset, a beach, friends and lovers . Perfect. Except I stood on the pebbled sand and couldn’t walk. Scary. Why did this happen? Well, when an armored truck smashes into your car and you wind up with damaged nerves in your back getting worse each day, that might explain the problem. But I’m one of those pioneer women still churning butter and making shoes so I never pay attention to little things like pain. Bite the bullet is my motto.

Meanwhile, back at the beach with the sunset and me frozen in place, I finally appealed to a passing stranger for help. This kind man carried me to the parking lot where I was able to limp to the car and get my cane. Yikes. A bikini and a cane. Not pretty.

We managed to have a good week, lots of laughs, sand art-a cool thing to do with your little kids, and I have an idea for a story. Yes, a new book beginning with, ” Scratching at the window woke Claire Morgan. She squinted one eye at the digital clock. 2:15 a.m. The sound came again, stronger this time. Panic set in as she reached for her husband, a deep sleeper. “Mike, burglars at the window.” She shook him and screamed.”

How does that grab you?

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