Me, Ride A Bike? No Way!!!!!!

I’m thinking life is like a play with endless scenes. Consider this as one of the scenes. Two characters: “Grans” a woman of indeterminate age and her “grandest” age 4 and a half. Setting: a car.

Grandest: Why don’t you ride a bike, Grans?”

Grans glances in rear view mirror at serious munchkin. “Afraid I’ll fall off.”

Grandest: “I’ll get you one with training wheels.”

Grans laughs. “How about a tricycle like the pink one you had when you were little only a big one to fit me?”

Grandest scoffs. “Too embarrassing, Grans. We’ll get balloons and tie them around you so you won’t fall off or if you do you’ll just fly up like a bird.

Case closed. End of scene. No bike for this Grans. Don’t tell Grandest.

And what do you do, grandparents out there, when even the youngest have plans for you? I say protest and laugh it off. We’ve come along way w/o interference. Tune in for another scene coming soon with love.!/CharJGordon

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5 thoughts on “Me, Ride A Bike? No Way!!!!!!

  1. Grands are so much fun. My youngest, at 7 years old, is getting too old! I told her to not grow up and be my littlest one forever. She took exception to that suggestion. Two or three years ago, it snowed really deep here in Fort Worth TX. She had to go outside, of course. Then she came in with a bright idea. “Do you have any popcorn?” I said I did. “Can I take it outside ? I want to grow a popcorn tree.” So with a perfectly straight face, I handed her a bag of microwave popcorn. She labored mightily and carefully placed one by one, popcorn kernels. Later, she came in and said she needed to water the popcorn tree. I handed her a watering can and she carefully watered the spot where the tree was supposed to be.
    I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was planting on the patio, not the grass.
    It’s incidents like yours that bring joy to our lives, doesn’t it?

  2. I commented, Charmaine. We are so blessed to have grands!

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