A Wondrous Moment

Feeling kind of low, I stopped at Lord & Taylor for a pick-me-up tee shirt, on sale of course. While waiting at the check-out counter, the woman ahead turned to me. In a husky kind voice, she said, “No matter what the doctors tell you, have faith and believe you will live to one hundred and twenty.” Then she took me by the arm and we walked to a center aisle. With customers bustling by, the woman talked about faith, belief in myself, the future and God. We’d never met before, this woman and I. She didn’t hand out a pamphlet but spoke with clarity, her  blue eyes sparkling the whole time. The only word I spoke was Amen when she finally finished.

After this extraordinary encounter, I walked out to my car in the pouring rain and never got wet. I smiled and thought about the name of the store. Suddenly Lord & Taylor had new meaning.

I wish you all love and good health.


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