I dreamed I slept at Manderly again. . .

“Wake up, wake up,” the husband said. “My uh, mandible is killing me.”
I’m dreaming “Rebecca” and he’s hollering mandible? Or maybe in my sleep filled mind I transformed his word into something more poetic. That’s marriage for you.

And I’m wondering when did problems become “issues?” Whatever became of working things out in a marriage instead of calling it quits and moving on? To what? A blending of two people is tricky business. Different upbringing, background, ideas about raising children. It’s work; a job like any other but a lifetime together should be the goal once you say “I do.”

This comes to mind because a young woman I know, with a one year old, told me her husband wants out. Two years was enough, he said. Two years. I wanted to shake him ’til he rattled but she said she’d manage. The baby was too young to realize what had happened. Not the values I believe in.

What’s your take? Am I old fashioned or is divorce the easy way out and let the kids fall where they may?

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3 thoughts on “I dreamed I slept at Manderly again. . .

  1. Of course, I believe in the old-fashioned idea of marriage, still…..Even after having two divorces under my belt. Or somewhere. Sometimes they;re justified, as in both cases I experienced: Both were boldly unfaithful, and I had had enough of that conduct. But today, at the first sign of a disagreement, the word “divorce” is used as a sword. . It’s difficult to live with another person when you’ve been by yourself for many years,.

    • I know what you mean. After Bud died suddenly-37 good years together-I figured I’d never marry again but then I missed male companionship and began to date. Two years later, after playing getting to know you with strangers, I met Don. Eventually we married. He’s the one who woke me whining about “mandible.” Men are such babies.
      Infidelity is not acceptable and for you to have that disgusting experience twice is awful. You’ve shown yourself to be strong and brave for all you’ve been through, my friend. I admire you.

  2. I definitely believe in the old fashioned idea of marriage. But I also think in some cases, divorce is the only viable option. Those cases don’t include, “Gee, this is work and after two years, I’m ready to quit,” though!

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