A Daughter’s Tribute To Her Dad

While sorting papers for my daughter, I came across this tribute, a poem she’d written in ’92. She was a teen when her dad died suddenly. Since this is close the anniversary of the day that changed our lives, I will share just a bit of a young girl’s feelings.

                  “Dad, I sit and think of you; sometimes it’s all I do.

Right now I’m shedding tears ’cause Daddy, you’re not here.

Why’d you have to go? I’ll never ever know.

When I saw you, how I pleaded. I said God this can’t be true and Dad, I feel so cheated.

It’s so hard to be without you.

Where are you now? I wish you could have stayed. I know you’re here with me; I feel you when I pray.

Hey, there’s something I want to tell you and it means a lot to me.

Sometimes when I go for a run and feel like stopping or slowing down,

I picture your face and open arms and pretend you’ll be there when I get home.

Daddy, only you and I know it’s true; there was nothing like me and you.

You were my favorite pal in the world and I’ll ALWAYS be your little girl.

I love you Bugsy Malone and I’ll never ever  stopping thinking of you.

August 28, 1992 4:30 a.m. dated ’til forever

(She called her Dad Bugsy Malone for some reason known only to her.)


4 thoughts on “A Daughter’s Tribute To Her Dad

  1. Yes, like an archaeological dig where a treasure is unearthed. What a time it’s been and now she’s mom to my grandest granddaughter. When we speak of our “Bugsy” and it’s often, we laugh and sometimes cry.

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