The Godfather and I

What in the world could The Godfather and this author possibly have in common, you might ask. Is it love of family? Yes, there’s that but here’s the answer. I have a disorder of the larynx called spasmodic dysphonia. Every three months, one incredibly skilled doctor  treats me here in NY with botox injected directly into the larynx to control the spasms. Otherwise I sound just like Marlon Brando in The Godfather. Hoarse whispery sounds emanate from this mouth enough to make me want to cry. This condition eventually ended my acting career and set me on a new course, the joy of writing.

A lot of research is in progress but there is a huge community of speechless people with this disorder to one degree or another. So if you hear someone talking with an odd voice and it’s not laryngitis, suggest they might have dystonia and there is hope. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “The Godfather and I

  1. I had no idea, Charmaine, and I’m sorry to hear it. 😦 But on the positive side, I’m really glad you’re a part of the writing world. 🙂

  2. i am so sorry…my cab driver in arlington, va. told me about the botox,12 years ago and how a woman in va. had this injection/ laryngitis… it was before they found out i was ill from toxic mold…

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