Hello Darkness. . .


Remember the song, Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkle? “Hello darkness, my old friend. . .” When Hurricane Sandy put out the lights in our neighborhood in Pearl River, NY that Monday at 4p.m., we were watching The Day of the Jackal, eating fresh pop corn. My actor’s imagination thought of “Hello darkness, not my friend.” And it wasn’t with huge trees uprooted blocking every street, no gas, colder inside than out and my bones couldn’t stop shaking. Scary seeing enormous roots that should have been in the ground, ripped out by fierce wind.

Saddest of all is the loss of a friend, a retired cop who survived years on the force to be struck down in his home by a tree crashing through the roof.

Makes you grateful for what you have. Treasure every day and lend a hand to that person struggling with a grocery cart. Don’t forget to smile. Usually you get one in return. When power was restored after 8 days, even our 3 cats responded with an extra swish of tails, rubs against the calf, and purrs of gratitude.

Love to all from Charmaine

7 thoughts on “Hello Darkness. . .

  1. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend, and the ancient trees in your neighborhood. Grateful you made it through okay. When you feel better, and the weather allows, might I suggest you go outdoors and plant two trees: one to replace a downed tree, and one in honor of your friend. You’ll be giving back to the planet, and honoring your friend as well.

  2. Sometimes it takes something like Sandy to help us get our lives in perspective. I know what I’d have done (I’ve done it before) I’d have cried until I had no more tears; mustered up my courage and faced the cleanup, sorrow and whatever else invaded my spirit. To quote Tiny Tim: “God bless us everyone.”

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