A Son Also Rises


I’ve blogged about this son of mine before. He’s the youngest of my boys, the one who has taken me all over the world to watch him perform; who grows his hair long for cancer patients, who is patient and loving and along with my daughter and grandest granddaughter pictured above, we are best friends.

Here we are at Cape May last summer sharing a joyous moment.

Sunday is his birthday. Did time fly? Uh, NO! So many treasured memories along with the saddest when my husband died suddenly leaving us all bereft and wondering how we’d put one foot in front of the other. Yes, we survived. My son carried a small bottle with his father’s ashes and scattered some as he traveled. His way of grieving and comfort. On the anniversary of his father’s birthday we buy balloons, write a message to our loved one and release them.

We’ll make gluten free birthday cupcakes with chocolate frosting, wear party hats, and surprise our guy with a picture of him when he and his sister were young, a copy of the photo above, and other special goodies and then he’s off to Denmark where a special lady awaits.

Safe journey, my son. Happiness and good health to you on your birthday.

11 thoughts on “A Son Also Rises

  1. Happy birthday to your son! He sounds marvelous. You must be so proud. And, he’s proud of you too with your novels. Happy Thanksgiving, Charmaine!

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