About Charmaine-that’s me

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After years as wife of an Air Force pilot, Strategic Air Command, 301st Air Refueling Squad, part of a Bomb Wing, we became civilians eventually moving to NYC with many kids and dogs. I spread my wings when daughter was in high school and pursued my own dream of working professionally as an actor. Not too much to ask for, I thought and found I had a lot to learn. Classes in on-camera and commercials, I took them all determined, not to be a star, but to be a part of a larger pond. And I succeeded; joined three unions necessary to work, freelanced with agents and the girl from Chicago who stayed home to be a good daughter,wife, and mother, got work in the big city all on her own.

During the run of an Off-Broadway play, The Fourth Commandment, I had an idea for a story that wouldn’t let go. When the play ended, I wrote and wrote. Good with dialogue after all the scripts I’d read and stage directions and so much more helped in my first story. Good fortune struck when Vanilla Heart Publishing offered a contract forTo Be Continued” and I’ve been with them for almost three years.

I tell you, dear reader, because good things happen when you put blinders on and focus. No matter your age or circumstance, set attainable goals and go after them. My best to you with love, Charmaine Gordon


co-winner of the first iBookBuzz.com Book Club

10 thoughts on “About Charmaine-that’s me

  1. So true, Charmaine. I didn’t really start writing “for real” until I was divorced and on my own. I relished the sense of freedom to do exactly what I wanted to do. And that was to write “for real.” And I recognized your Military Wife description, as I was a Military Brat. Made us strong women, don’t you think? :”)

  2. “I tell you, dear reader, because good things happen when you put blinders on and focus.”

    Inspirational words. I’m very glad to be connected to you Charmaine!

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