A Hit In Mid-Town Manhattan

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A hit used to mean a blockbuster movie opened or a play had rave reviews. Red carpets rolled out, celebrities exit limousines, microphones catching a few comments.  Glitz and bling. Excitement and front page news. Who is seen with whom and what are they wearing now. Lots of skin showing even if it’s cold on gorgeous stars with handsome black tie polished to perfection guys.

But not yesterday. Breaking news: Cameras catch a man as he pulls his hood over his head, walks up close to another man who stands alone and seems to be texting. The hooded man pulls a gun from his pocket, points the gun at the man’s head and shoots. The shooter replaces the gun, hurries to his car and drives away.

Caught on TV and broadcast over and over.

And I don’t get it. Not the hit man. We’ve watched cop shows and learned about paid assassins. There’s a grudge; someone didn’t pay someone else, bad stuff. Okay. A way of life.

What I don’t get is why can’t there be peace and love? The answer is that money and greed corrupt. And there seems to be no way to change the fact. Once it’s in the blood, it won’t let go.

All I ask is that those of us who care, please try to love your neighbor as you would have them love yourself. Doesn’t seem like too much too ask, does it?


5 thoughts on “A Hit In Mid-Town Manhattan

    • Amen. There will always be some deranged person somewhere intent on doing us harm. I’m speaking of the Portland OR mall shooting. And the usual debate that follows: was he mentally ill? Did he recently break up with a girlfriend? Yada yada. Bottom line, he was not mentally healthy.

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