12/19/12 After The Christmas Pageant at St. Paul


After the Christmas Pageant at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in New City, NY we celebrated at the New City Diner. My grandest granddaughter needed her grilled cheese sandwich and fast after singing her little heart out with her classmates.  As you can see , we are having a moment of mutual love before lunch arrives. Age and my sweet little beauty girl together, just for a beat with no one else saying a word we were aware of.

46235_4036441625825_953707763_nSomewhere does he see us, this husband of mine pictured here age 21-an Air Force pilot-long time suddenly gone at age 58? I believe he does see our precious granddaughter and watches over all of us.

Recently I found a few of his letters written before we married. This is one.

Dear Bearhugger, Today was the worst. My roommate crash-landed his plane during a training flight. He was from Belgium. A good guy. I have to pack his gear to send back to his family. Love you always, Bud

How well I recall receiving that tear-stained letter written on thin paper in 1951.

Here we are about to greet 2013. Love the ones here, hold them close and never forget your loved ones passed.


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