Isn’t it Romantic?

When I saw this picture on Brad Stanton’s post just now, I thought of my work in progress titled The Catch. Tom Donnelly falls in love with the aloof Joanne McKenna Friedman, a lawyer at the same firm he works for. How to interest her is the question. Flowers, flattery, or just being a good friend. A conflict to be solved as in all romances.

As comical as the above picture is, romance blooms at an early age and hopefully never stops. In all my romance/suspense novels, the heroine survives what appears to be overwhelming obstacles and thrives by putting one foot in front of the other step by step until she’s created a new improved life.

In The Catch,


JimmyTonBeachSmallTom, my first hero, struggles to regain his footing after a single mishap. The story begins New Year’s Day with resolutions he intends to keep. Read how he grows with determination by giving back to the community and his family and the way he gains the trust of Joanne with all her secrets of a sad past life. For she too is considered to be a Catch at their law firm.

With humor and love, I’m writing another sequel to Reconstructing Charlie

Reconstructing Charlie by Charmaine Gordon

Reconstructing Charlie by Charmaine Gordon


Sin of Omission

Sin of Omission by Charmaine Gordon to be released in February. Vanilla Heart Publishing.

Happy New Year to all and to all, happy Reading.\


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