Isn’t it Romantic?-Take 2

My friend, author Chelle Cordero, sent this pic. Two lovebirds. The occasion: the wedding anniversary of  husband Don and me. Don and I? Take your pick.

As we walked down a makeshift aisle in a charming restaurant, thirty close friends and family sang, “Fairy Tales can come true, it can happen to you, when you’re Young At Heart.” I wore a nifty white two piece jacket and long skirt; Don wore his tux. Everyone called us the aging Barbie and Ken. Ten years ago we vowed to love and cherish, ’til death do us part. The Justice of Peace with his powerful vest from the state of New York pronounced us husband and wife.

All because twelve years earlier, I’d gone to a recycling single men party in New Jersey and snitched a peanut from this handsome guy with a nice shape, good hair and teeth. I said, “This one is mine,” referring to the peanut. And he was hooked. After a while, so was I.

To be or not to be, married. That became the question for a long time. As in all marriages, attention must be paid with conversations, love, understanding. We hope to ride off into the sunset together. Doesn’t always work that way but we take care of each other and try not to forget the laughter.

Meanwhile, Chelle and Mark, her husband, celebrate their anniversary this very day. Love is in the air, folks. Stir it around.

Happy New year to all.


10 thoughts on “Isn’t it Romantic?-Take 2

  1. From your mouth to God’s ear, Charmaine! I’ve been single so long, I don’t know what I would do if and when presented with a handsome man. I’ll make you and Chelle my match-makers, okay?
    Single woman author of a certain age seeking kind, understanding man who supports her career. He can live next door and visit often.

  2. my goodness 🙂 this is beautful. A person that has so much to offer should not be living the life alone, so glad you are sharing it with someone you love 🙂

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