Enter Into My Imagination

ImageI recall  “Enter Into My Imagination” as words spoken by Richard Kiley starring as Don Quixote  in Man of La Mancha on Broadway back in the seventies. Maybe the first words in the opening scene. His song “The Impossible Dream” became a major hit.

“During the Spanish Inquisition in the late 1500s, an impoverished storyteller named Miguel Cervantes is thrown into a dungeon. His fellow inmates threaten to steal his possessions and toss his newly written novel into the fire.

To save his book (and perhaps his life), he draws upon the sympathies of the prisoners by reenacting the misadventures of Don Quixote. The inmates become caught up with Cervantes’ imagination, and they become part of this play-within-a-play.

The Character of Don Quixote: The original novel pokes fun of Quixote, reveling in his obliviousness. In Cervantes’ fiction, Don Quixote warns the readers of the dangers of fantasy and the delusions of grandeur. The novel was published in two parts. The first part displays Quixote as a confused, well-meaning buffoon. The second part becomes more serious, ending with Don Quixote’s deathbed renunciation of chivalry.

The musical version, based upon Dale Wasserman’s 1959 teleplay, contrasts a few of the themes from the original material. Don Quixote is naïve and prone to hallucination, but the audience favors Quixote’s imagination versus the brutal reality of the everyday world.(culled from Wikipedia)

Becoming a professional actor was my impossible dream come true and when my voice failed I dreamed of writing a book. This impossible dream came true. I’m going to share how my latest story is coming to fruition. Another Impossible Dream. Difficult to sit after hip replacement surgery and blah, blah numerous woes, it’s easy to stagger away from the task of focusing on writing. I have a steely reserve and decided to fight lethargy. Here comes the funny part. Without humor, you can’t survive, folks.

I dug myself into a hole after finding a hero and heroine with conflicts, all the good stuff before happy ever after BUT I gave her a career as a lawyer. I know nothing about law, courtroom drama was not on my mind and what the hell? I wrote what I considered to be a good, no great scene and didn’t know what to do when the bad guy showed up for the big conference. Nothing to do except go to sleep where all solutions never fail. I woke up smiling, not what you’re thinking, kids, and wrote a plausible solution. Yippee! Forty thou word count and more to go before The End. Watch for The Catch to be released by Vanilla Heart mid February.

Thanks for reading, my friends. Remember to make your Impossible Dream possible.


7 thoughts on “Enter Into My Imagination

  1. Another great blog promising another great book…..Don’t stop dreaming! Marilyn

    Marilyn Celeste Morris, Author, Editor and Speaker Website: http://bit.ly/RIqtQ4 Blog: authormarilyncmorris.wordpress.com

    Five novels, two non fiction books. All available on Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/KSq5Ya See my Author Page at Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/author/marilynmorris Vanilla Heart Publishing::http://bit.ly/LIq9iy And now, free reads first four chapters of all my books:  http://bit.ly/JZM0j4 “You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” — Ray Bradbury


  2. I love “Man of La Mancha.” I got to see Ricard Kiley play Don Quiote at the American Theatre in St. Louis, MO in the ’70s, but never knew he played the role on Broadway! Now whenever I see him perform anything it means even more to me. I saw the “Catch A Falling Star” episode on “Quantum Leap” and loved it so much that when John Cullum came to St. Louis to play Don Quiote at the Muny I took my son to see it. Years later when he got to see that “Quantum Leap”” episode he felt the same way I had when I saw Richard Kiley. Good times. Thanks for the memories.

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