Happy Birthday, Betty White!

America’s sweetheart, Betty White is 91. She doesn’t know that in the ‘seventies’ we became linked by a show biz set of circumstances. Bear with me, folks.

It began innocently enough. Called for an audition for a commercial film, not a commercial, I auditioned for a Betty White type of character. Sometimes a magical thing happens when an actor auditions. You “chew up the scenery”-giving it all you can and this time I got the part. Picked up in a limousine with three other actresses, we rehearsed. One said I sounded just like Betty White. Hmm. I always thought I sounded just like me.

A few weeks later an ad executive called frantic to find THE VOICE. Yes, she needed me because someone said I was the only one in the Tri-State area who sounded like Ms.White. They were doing a voice-over for what they called an anamatic trial. Who knew? In the city in a dark studio, I read the script into a microps. White never knew that across the country there was once a woman who sounded just like her. If you meet Ms. White, don’t tell. It’s our secret.

P.S. I no longer sound like her. On the flip side, she no longer sounds like me.

Thanks for stopping by.

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