And then she said. . .

65191_4183432700510_2056845522_nMy grandest granddaughter said, “Granny, who will take care of my mommy when you die?”

“I won’t die.”

Satisfied with my answer, she finished a dish of Mac and Cheese and we played with her Inchy Train until her mommy, my only daughter, came home.









In my book Now What? Carly Evans is very close to her little grandest granddaughter, a child gifted with an unusual sense of perception. Too late, Carly wishes she had listened when the child said, “Watch out for the cycle man, Granny.”

10 thoughts on “And then she said. . .

  1. One of the OSHA Compliance Officers in the St. Louis office was diagnosed with lung cancer, and when I found out I wrapped my arms around her in a hug and told her she would be one of the lucky ones. Many ears later, she often reminded me of that moment.

  2. Hi Charmaine. Grandchildren are so amazing! Before our granddaughter (only grandchild thus far) was born, I told some coworkers I was going to be a grandmother. An older woman said to me, “Treese, we all have a hole in us we don’t even know is there until we have a grandchild to fill it.” Wow…truer words were never spoken. I just checked out this book on Amazon, and weenie that I am–afraid of the potential tear-jerker stauts, lol, I bought Reconstructing Charlie, instead. They both sound wonderful!

  3. Teresa, your comment means a lot to me. My little one is the youngest of all the grand kids and lives the closest. I’ve helped raised her since birth while writing steamy scenes in my new career as an author. Enjoy the journey in Reconstructing Charlie. I’ve just typed The End to ‘The Catch’, the third book in a series beginning with Charlie.
    See you next week.

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