Across a Crowded Place

My first big chance in a movie came on the set of Working Girl back in 1988. Selected with three other women to sing Happy Birthday to Melanie Griffith, director Mike Nichols said I would also carry the balloons and the cake. Excitement in Building 7 unfinished at the World Trade Center.

Call time, five a.m. In the restroom, empty so early in the morning, Ann Roth, the famous designer, entered, straightened my scarf and walked out. Rule #1 Don’t talk to the stars. I bubbled over in anticipation of work,to watch the technicians,observe how movies are made. A sweet time.

Lunch break. Out in the sunshine Harrison Ford stood eating a hot dog. Across the crowded place I sauntered over and said I loved him in Witness, especially the scene in the hay loft where he sang “Don’t know much about History” and quietly we sang together, like two pals smiling over something we shared.

So I broke Rule #1. No biggie because I’d done it before but that’s another story. The point is across a crowded room, super market, street, any place lies an opportunity of love, friendship, who knows?

In my book Now What? Carly Evans, stops at a street light, turns her head to look at the guy on a motorcycle next to her. When he beckons for her to follow him, against her better judgement, she does and is in for the ride of her life. 9781935407973

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