2/313 #WeWriWa #SixSunday #8Sunday

Welcome readers and authors to my first post on Weekend Writing Warriors aka WeWriWa. A certain groundhog in Pennsylvania assures us Winter will be short and Spring will be here in a few weeks. If you believe that, I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn I can sell. . .cheap. Moving on to my short story After Him about an older, much older couple who meet in rehab while recovering from replacement surgery; knee-him and hip-her. She tells him her belief about being held captive by their bodies until they heal.

excerpt in eight:

“Makes no sense to me, Missy, more like nonsense.”

His shaggy white head turned toward me and wonder of wonders, he smiled.

“So I ask you again, sir, what are you in for?”

“Knee and it’s a devil and you, dear lady?”

“Hip,” I grimaced thinking about it.

Our timers ran out at the same moment and we hadn’t exchanged names, phone numbers, made a date; on the other hand, when you’re a serious senior, no reason to waste time.

My small hand reached out to shake his large hand and I said, “Kelly Corrigan.” “Collin Brody, so pleased to meet up with you.”

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24 thoughts on “2/313 #WeWriWa #SixSunday #8Sunday

  1. Good to see somebody writing about Seasoned Citizens, even if they are in rehab. I expect nearly everyone in that age bracket will be inmates —er, — residents of some kind of facility as you describe. Another hit, Charmaine.

  2. This is so relate-able, given my age; especially the part about being “held captive by their bodies”. 🙂 Nice to see a story about people going through such real experiences. I’d like to know what transpires afterwards.

  3. Oh, I’m completely delighted and charmed by the idea of an older (older) couple and how they interact. Great eight, Charmaine. 🙂

  4. Aw this sounds great. I really like the older couple — personally I’m awash in TV shows focusing on teens & 20somethings, and it’s a bore! Interested to see what develops here.

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