2/17/13 #WeWriWa #SixSunday #8Sunday

Sunday #3 and I’m happy to be here slogging through February and hoping for an early Spring. Today I’m continuing with my seniors recovering from major body part replacements and finding sparks of romance on a cold winters day.

excerpt in eight:

My heart sped up just a beat or two and we walked along, me with a sense of security long missing. At my car, Collin searched my face as if he looked for answers and asked, “Are you for real?”

“’tis a strange question, Mr. Brody and I ask you do you mean am I human?  Yes I’m a woman all grown up, a widow if that’s what you want to know.”

“Hmm, lunch, is it?”

I wondered if I should accept his invitation and then decide to say yes. After all, he’s the one I’d been after. “Yes, lunch, it is.”

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37 thoughts on “2/17/13 #WeWriWa #SixSunday #8Sunday

  1. I love these two and the premise of this story. We forget how lonely life can be, and you’ve captured that with poignance and a little bit of humor.

  2. Sounds like he can’t quite believe his good fortune. Nicely done, Charmaine. I keep coming back for this one. Love your tale. 🙂

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