A Moment With Michael Douglas

It was the last day of shooting Fatal Attraction and I had the good fortune to be on the set. Movies are not shot in chronological order and this scene was in a bowling alley. On the big screen, this is where the screen split to show a crying Glen Close in her apartment on one side and her lover out with family and friends having a ball. . .bowling ball, on the other side.Charmaine Headshot for Author Central During a break, I did the unthinkable and walked over to the star. “I loved your movie Running.” His eyes lit up. “I did, too. I worked so hard, it was emotionally draining.” He smiled, squeezed my arms in a semi-hug and said, “Thanks.”Running (1979) Poster

I tell you this because you never know when across a crowded room, someone may wait just for you.







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7 thoughts on “A Moment With Michael Douglas

  1. Michael Douglas is such a great actor. I think I like him best in “Romancing The Stone” especially since he had to produce it himself so he could star in it which only goes to prove that even actors of his stature have their difficulties too.

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