And Then She Said. . .

I stooped to pick up some crab apples my grandest granddaughter collected and fell screaming , “Help, Help,” to cars whizzing by, windows closed against winter. As I lay moaning having fallen off the porch, my weak left side being struck once again, I looked up into the blue eyes of my best pal.”Don’t worry, Grans, I’ll pull you out and then I’ll give you a nice cold drink with two straws to smooth you over.” Her five year old voice speaking her mom’s word’s of wisdom. She pulled hard and harder until I scooted from under the bush to freedom. We managed to enter the house and up the stairs, my best pal and I. She tugged my shoes off and I laid down on the couch where she made up games she won and laughed.

Yes, I should have called 911. Yes, I should have called my husband and said, “Hurry.” Me, ever the pioneer woman, if I live long enough.



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