A Moment With Gregory Peck and. . .Piper Laurie

The year was 1991,; the movie–Other Peoples Money starring Danny de Vito as a corporate raider. The place: a country club in Connecticut. Casting needed an actor who could play golf and had clubs. Enter Charmaine; a bogie golfer back then who played a few days a week. I drove there never dreaming soon I’d meet and chat with, YES, Gregory Peck, older now, still handsome and distinguished.with gray hair. Oh my. He bent down to listen when I told my husband and I loved his work in The Gunfighter. He thanked me, shook hands, said that was one of his favorites. We went our separate ways. Later in the women’s locker room as I rearranged my windblown hair after the golf scene, a woman came in. I heard the unforgettable throaty voice of Piper Laurie as she reviewed her script. Another sweet moment in my career as an actor to see her memorizing just the way I’d done so many times.

Norman Jewison directed Alvin Sargent’s adaptation of Jerry Sterner’s off-Broadway satire of the excess of the ’80s, with Danny DeVito as corporate raider Lawrence Garfield — or, as he is better known, Larry the Liquidator. Larry spends his waking hours searching for companies to take over. One morning he comes across New England Wire & Cable, a company that has seen better days but is not debt-ridden and contains plenty of cash. Licking his chops, Larry hopes to raid the company and strip its assets. But the company’s president, Andrew Jorgenson (Gregory Peck), wants to continue in the wire and cable business. For help, Andrew seeks out his daughter-in-law, Kate Sullivan (Penelope Ann Miller), a New York attorney who is as obsessive about saving Andrew’s company as Larry is about destroying it. When she walks into Larry’s office, Larry immediately falls in love. But they are adversaries, and they have to decide if love or corporate buyouts come first. This all comes to a head during a shareholder’s meeting inside the factory, where both Andrew and Larry state their cases regarding Andrew’s beloved company.

pictureThanks to Moviefone, here’s Gregory Peck, a gentleman to be remembered.

The movie is about greed, excess, and everything that’s wrong in the world. A comedy was made about human traits that aren’t funny.



2 thoughts on “A Moment With Gregory Peck and. . .Piper Laurie

  1. I love this movie and have been thinking about watching it again. Now I’ll look for you when I do. I always thought Penelope Ann Miller played their daughter. Thanks for the info.

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