And Then She Said. . .

Image“Grans, why is that little girl following me?” We were in Shop Rite, I’ve graduated from Granny to Grans. “She’s little and you’re a big girl so she admires you.” “I’m not big. I’m still your little girl, right? I hugged her. “Yes you are. You’ll always be.” She walked over to the small child and said with wisdom beyond her age, “Stay close to your mommy so no one will take you away.” Climbing into the cart, she settled in to munch on an apple. I wanted to call out, “Mine, see world, she’s my grandest grandchild.” I paid, we left. Another joyous moment with my little girl.


8 thoughts on “And Then She Said. . .

      • I’m sorry to hear you were sick with the flu. That’s some nasty stuff! Orange juice, chicken soup, and lots of TLC is my remedy!

        For some reason your posts aren’t showing up on my Reader even though I’m following you.

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