Donald Duck Day

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy - It's Donald Duck Day!Some calendars say this special day is today and some say it’s in June but who cares? The irresistible fowl mouthed Disney Duck, pal of Mickey, Minnie, and his Daisy Duck live forever in color and in our hearts.

When people hear the name “Donald” tossed around these days, the first person that usually comes to mind is a wealthy man with an unusual haircut who frequently says “You’re fired!”. But not today. Today is all about another famous Donald.

Easily annoyed, Donald has an orange-ish bill, legs and feet. He usually dons a spiffy sailor shirt and cap along with a bow tie. And for whatever reason, he normally does not wear pants. Donald frequently hangs around with pals Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy and gal pal Daisy.

In 2004, everybody’s favorite “fowl-mouthed” duck received his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. .

Thank you, Jace Shoemaker-Galloway for this delightful bit of information. I apologize for not asking permission. Relatively new to blogging and proper etiquette, I followed an events calendar and went with it. Again, my sincere apology. Here’s the link for the full article:

Thanks to my readers who enjoy this bit of America tradition.

7 thoughts on “Donald Duck Day

  1. Everybody sing–“D-O-N…A-L-D…D-U-C-K…UCK!!!” Tell me: why is it that Donald wears only a shirt, but in cartoons, when he gets out of the shower, he always wraps a towel around his waist? (The editor button in me never, ever goes “off”!}

  2. Do you know they watch Donald Duck on Christmas day in Sweden…apparently its a tradition to show it on TV there according to my partner.

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