And Then She Said. . .

ImageMy grandest granddaughter buckled her  five year old, thirty four pound self into the booster seat behind me after school today. Cheeks rosy, laughing as always, she said, “Grans, I have something to tell you.” I couldn’t wait but what I heard took me by surprise. “I kissed Robert three times and he kissed me twice.” Pre school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the world. “Oh, that’s nice, honey. Did you have a good day?” I bet she did. “We worked on our C’s, upper and lower case. I got a star.” And two smooches from a guy named Robert.

She’s a rascal, a jock and full of fun. And she saved me two weeks ago. I’d still be lying under a large bush off the porch if it weren’t for her. What’s a couple of kisses when you’re five?”

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