Almost a Moment With Brad Pitt in The Devil’s Own

The year-1997. They needed an actor with a car, you get more money with a car, to stay in front of the Mayor’s house in NYC. A long trip but a day’s work. I didn’t complain. With no idea what the movie was about or who were the stars, I drove in and parked and saw a super thin young man with longish hair wearing jeans and a leather jacket guarded by–who else?-yup, a body guard. None of my adorableness could get near him. He was playing an Irish terrorist living in the home of Harrison Ford, a cop. Mr. Ford, my friend from Working Girl, was not on set that day. And dopey me, I asked an assistant who’s the handsome guy across the street. “Brad Pitt.” So that’s my near miss. No biggie, I thought on the way home through heavy traffic.


5 thoughts on “Almost a Moment With Brad Pitt in The Devil’s Own

  1. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Hey, I saw Tony Curtis once. He was filming The Great Race at a lake in S. CA. He got into a speedboat, waved to the crowd, and then they all broke for lunch. That’s about it, celebrity-wise.

  2. My favorite Brad Pitt movie is “The Favor” where he plays the artist, Elliott. So, you’re friends with Harrison Ford? Ok Charmaine, what part did you have in “Working Girl?” 🙂 🙂

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