3/24/13 WEWRIWA

The story continues: Two seniors meet, romance begins, family interferes. Conflict makes the story move right along. Thank you for the valuable input, friends and readers. We are one strong helpful critique group.

excerpt in eight:

I continued to smile and sketch the twins knowing family affairs were touchy and none of my business. My soup had grown cold as tension rose when John, Karen’s husband and father of the twins arrived bringing a breath of fresh air to the table where his little ones shrieked, “Daddy, Daddy” and Karen said, “Be quiet.” Collin stood, shook hands with John and  introduced me to his attractive son-in-law. “This is Kelly Corrigan who has lifted my spiritImage since the day we met. Excuse us while we take a tour of the Marina and my condo.”

Karen reached out with trembling hands, “But Daddy this is a special day and. . .”

Using a stern voice I hadn’t heard before, Collin said, “This is my life, daughter. It’s time you paid attention to your own.”

for more snippets:



54 thoughts on “3/24/13 WEWRIWA

  1. Collin is stern and direct, but I respect that about him. I hope and pray his daughter listens to her ole Dad!!! I so enjoy your writing.

  2. Good for Colin! The son-in-law seems simpatico, but the daughter – what a bitch! Kelly and Colin make a great couple and I’m rooting for them. 🙂

  3. OMG, this was totally great and so unique. One never sees stories about mature adult and being one myself, this really resonates with me. Well written and so relevant for us baby boomers. Damn fine job, my dear.

  4. I haven’t read the rest of the series, but this is a nice snippit. I really enjoyed the line about the soup. It was a clever way to show passage of time and the narrators disinterest in the soup. Presumably he’s/she’s more interest in what’s going on rather than eating.

  5. Oh, nice! I love that he finally puts his foot down and reminds her of her own responsibilities, which don’t include him. Nicely done, Charmaine. 🙂

  6. Wow! Smackdown! In a perfectly gentlemanly way, of course. Sounds like Karen needs an attitude adjustment in more than one area of her life. Kelly’s inner thoughts are perfectly drawn (no pun intended). Well done, Charmaine!

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