A Moment With Demi Moore

So excited I had the part of playing Demi Moore’s aunt I forgot where I parked my car on the posh East side Village in NY where galleries and shops lived side by side. Early on a summer morning, I hurried to a set where young actors milled about, really thin wannbe’s dressed in the latest dumb fashions I’d ever seen. Wardrobe hated me, the oldest actor there, hated my clothes, hair style and make-up. And to top it off, a young guy screamed for me to move over. The last straw. I couldn’t wait for the Union rep to show up. We were to be treated respectfully at all times. No sign of the star and the summer day grew increasingly hot ’til mid afternoon when she appeared. One quick take of the scene–she didn’t acknowledge her dear aunt, me, and everyone fawned over her. I changed to my comfortable attractive clothes, wiped the pinky pink lipstick off and searched for someone to sign my work card. And speaking of search, where in the world did I park my car? Fifteen minutes later this actor drove home, air conditioning on and wondered if the day was worth it. Phooey. To this day, I can’t recall the title of the movie.
I did enjoy her performance in Ghost although Whoopi Goldberg stole the film. And who will ever forget Patrick Swayze.

Charmaine Headshot for Author Central


6 thoughts on “A Moment With Demi Moore

  1. Isn’t it sad how she’s conducting her life now, esp. since Ashton Kutcher’s departure. But the way you describe her in that little vignette, that’s probably how she treats everybody — as invisible, at her beck and call. Nice work if you can get it.
    If you remember the name of the movie, let me know..I’m intrigued, now. …

  2. Hey girl, not so down to earth, huh. Most often acting was exciting especially on stage. Now I love writing. If you ever read romance/suspense, my latest book The Catch is out. Your teen daughters would love Reconstructing Charlie. Fun following, isn’t it.

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