4/7/13 WeWRIWA

Hello again. It’s definitely spring with daffodils bobbing yellow heads and hyacinths competing for attention. My sixth book ,The Catch,with Vanilla Heart was released Friday and I’ve been doing the happy dance ever since. The Catch CVR 3What a thrill to see it available in print and e format.

And this week I’m introducing a new story to WEWRIWA.

Two seniors meet by chance at the Jersey Shore. Let’s see where this takes us.

excerpt in eight:

Who’s taking care of you, little girl?” a deep male voice said.

My hackles went up and later I wondered what hackles were and asked the owner of the deep voice; he didn’t have a clue either.

I hurried across the hot sand to where my granddaughter, age five, sat on a blanket dimpling at a gray haired man with two little boys in tow and figured unless the stranger collected small kids for evil purpose, my little Patti seemed fine.

Here’s Granny, my roomy cause Mommy and Daddy are on vacation to Mexico.”

I’m Ralph Berg and these fine boys are my grandsons; Mike is four, Tony is six.

Hello, I’m Claire,” and I busied myself with straightening the blanket, sun chairs and clamping the umbrellas. Alone with my granddaughter for the first time on vacation at the Jersey shore, I applied sunscreen to a wiggling Patti, tied her purple hat in place and wished this Ralph person would leave the boys to play and  move on. I’m a widow, for God sake, can’t he tell I’m in mourning from my black bathing suit?

Charmaine Headshot for Author Centralfor more snippets WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS

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34 thoughts on “4/7/13 WeWRIWA

  1. ahh, love that last line. Very “telling” of where she’s at. My heart goes out to her. The Jersey shore brings back memories for me, of all the summers my grandmother would take me and my cousin. Really lovely snippet.

  2. My friend and I were just debating on whether it’s ‘hackles’ or ‘shackles’ which led to ‘cackles’ because we didn’t even know what hackles are. Fun to see your character thought the same thing.

  3. Hackles are the ruff on the neck and shoulders of a dog or wolf that raise when it feels threatened, to look bigger. I love her reaction to the intruder on her mourning. Good snippet, Charmaine. 🙂

  4. Haha! Charmaine, I chuckled at that last line! “I’m a widow, for God sake, can’t he tell I’m in mourning from my black bathing suit?” That is priceless!

    Great snippet–good way to plunge us into this story. I like it–and I really like that you write for an older demographic. 🙂 !

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