Birth, Near Death, A Decision

Today is my only daughter’s birthday. Born at a time when parents didn’t know boy or girl was expected, we hoped for a healthy baby after so many boys. A difficult pregnancy followed by unexpected complications. Yes, it’s a girl! Joy in the delivery room.

Later a massive hemorrhage led to a surgical procedure to stop the flow. Under the mask I felt myself strangling. No one paid attention to my mind screaming, “Help. I’m dying.” And then I watched the scene from above as I hovered then moved into a tunnel toward a light so peaceful and still. Why would anyone want to leave this calm wonder.

I recall thinking, “Wait. I can’t leave Bud with all those kids. No one could care for my little girl the way I knew how.”

The next thing I remember is waking to the sound of a peri-bottle being squeezed for cleansing Imageand two nurses watching  over me. Three days had passed. A baby, my new baby girl placed in my arms. We looked at each other. “Hello, my sweetheart. I’ve taken a long journey to come back.”

My book, Now What? is about a woman, love lost and found, near death experience, and how she survives and thrives one day at a time.

Now What? Charmaine Gordon Romance 07/16/10 Book Link



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