4/20/13 WEWRIWA

Welcome to the Sunday after the horrible bombing in Boston. Sunk so low in the inhuman evil, I couldn’t put two thoughts together all week. Prayers to the people in Boston where I lived for a long special time. And now back to my seniors on the Jersey Shore. She is a widow; he is a stranger with two young grand sons. Please join me to see what happens next as the story unfolds in eight.

excerpt in eight:

Patti and I were together for two weeks while daughter and her husband, what a good guy, went on a second honeymoon. I’d write the book my publisher waited for, at least get a good start, and Patti and I would have a lot of fun. Except Ralph, this man I just met-a space invader if I’ve ever seen one, stood up and put a kite together and asked if I’d keep an eye on the kids making sand castles while he made an attempt to fly his kite. “A maiden voyage, so to speak,” and he laughed a manly sound part of me had missed. I tucked my notebook away and figured I’d write after Patti went to sleep because a writer knows there’s nothing like a hot date with your imagination.  “Sure, uh Ralph, I’m a great watcher and gCharmaine Headshot for Author Centralood luck with your kite.”

Why oh why did I encourage him with sparkling repartee? A simple yes would have been enough.


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27 thoughts on “4/20/13 WEWRIWA

  1. Hmmm, seems like she has mixed feelings about Ralph. First, he’s a “space invader”, (great phrase!), then she thinks he made a “manly sound”. 🙂 Looking forward to the next instalment.

  2. I love that she’s an author–no husband, one small grandchild and still no time to write. LOL But I see Ralph is proving quite a distraction. Love the way this is developing. Great 8!

  3. It was a tough week. It’s so hard to comprehend such a senseless act of evil…

    “-a space invader if I’ve ever seen one, ” I love that, Charmaine. I like the whole snippet– it has such fun potential. She’s so standoffish, but we know what’s coming 🙂 Good post. 🙂

    Have a good week. 🙂

  4. I couldn’t put my thoughts together all week, Teresa, in the face of evil and devastation.
    Thanks for taking the time to check in. This story is a book within a book. Let’s see what happens. I can’t reveal too much according to my publisher.

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