And Then She Said. . .

My grandest and I went to Taekwando last week and this time her best friend Robert came along. You may recall Robert is the boy who kissed her five year old cheek twice a few weeks ago and she kissed him three times. That’s when I decided to live at least til one hundred +. After class, Robert watched too shy to jump in, we went next door for everyone’s fave–pizza. I watched their interaction and wondered if I ever had the opportunity as a child for so much organized fun. Life was simple with unlocked doors, no play dates–only kids coming by and yelling for me to come out. Maybe that was quite enough and with little or nophoto (6) expense. Gone are those days as I watch my best little pal growing up. I wouldn’t exchange the the uncomplicated days of my childhood for the expensive way kids in her area live today.

What are your thoughts, my friends? photo (5)


6 thoughts on “And Then She Said. . .

  1. Oh, yes, I remember The Olden Days….When I would rush outside and down the street to see who was at home so we could play. Just knock on the screen door and yell for whoever it was, and we played until porch lights came on in the early evening. Best part of the day was when the popsicle wagon came down the street. Every kid on the block assaulted the vehicle and we stood on the lawn and let the melting popsicles run down our arms and down our chests until we were sticky from the combination of icy goodness and sweaty skin.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I wish our kids knew what they missed. 🙂

  2. That’s how I grew up too. I think kids are way too over-scheduled these days, and shuffled from event to event with no time to simply be a kid. No wonder childhood depression is so high–these kids don’t have time to take a breath! One or two activities, is fine, of course. I had my piano lessons, and later, in high school, after girls were given an opportunity to play sports, I had softball and track. But I wasn’t shuffled from one place to another from sunrise to sundown.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Smoky. My granddaughter goes to pre-school and I pick her up every day. We play hopscotch on the driveway. She drew a great pattern in colored chalk and is a whiz. I, however, have trouble with the hop part. With practice, I hope to improve. Taekwando is the only extra activity with a one month trial. We’ll see. At five, she’s already a jock.

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