A Moment with Telly Savalas. . .

The call came for Telly Savalas’s television series, Kojak One day, outdoors on the West side in summer. I was designated to play ball with a little girl who would be kidnapped. A mother’s nightmare; an actor’s dream. And HE strolled out, adored by all, crew and cast with his hat and lolly pop. Business with an air of friendliness. The assistant called 5,4,3,2 and at the gesture I threw the ball. The wind carried it away from the child. She cried. I almost joined her. Take two: 5,4,3,2 again I threw the ball. Take three: The assistant director stalked toward me. “This time roll the damn ball.” I could report him to the Union Rep. The kick worked. Everyone applauded. Telly bowed to me and presented a chocolate lolly, my fave. Sweating bullets, I sat before having my work sheet stamped. Acting is hard, you know.

Telly Savalas Kojak 1973.JPG

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