A Moment With Robin Williams. . .

The call came from a casting agent who had seen me in one too many soaps as a nurse. Saturday Night Live had a sketch about to be shot with Robin Williams as the over-anxious father in the delivery room. He was to use a camcorder to record the birth of his first baby. Picture this: Waiting in the outer room sat Robin Williams and his agent, very tan just in from CA and several underlings plus me, the nurse, white cap, uniform, clipboard and all. The wife, played by a techie who laid on a gurney, legs spread apart, camera between her legs filming the star as he made up his own script. The scriptwriter, off to the side, half hysterical because the scene he slaved over was thrown out the window by Mr. Williams. Show biz. No one dared say a word.

But-and here’s the big BUT-when the baby-a doll was hah, hah, born, no one knew what to do except me, the little nurse who had so many children she lived in a shoe. I said, “You need a white cheesy substance called vernix that covers newborn babies. If it’s a quick shot, cottage cheese might suffice.”

“Cool.” Someone produced a package from the refrigerator, smeared it on the doll, and the shot was taken. Done. One take. Did I get a little something extra for brilliance. Uh, NO. Not even thanks. All in a day’s work. Williams, Robin (USGov) crop.jpg


9 thoughts on “A Moment With Robin Williams. . .

      • It was by accident I found your blog,.. and all I have to say is that you are a ‘Genius’
        to think in a split second …. they should at least keep you around for ‘brain storming..
        I WONDER IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU OFTEN IN LIFE? and could it be because you
        have the name Charmaine?
        I also have the name Charmaine, and very seldom get credit for thinking outside the Box!
        You take care of yourself and keep it up before long you will move to the top! … If not
        contact me …. I am an INVENTOR with Patents USPTO….maybe we can invent something
        together ‘Charmaine & Charmaine’….. that would be Cool!
        take care,
        PS/ Drop me a my email >

  1. I love Robin Williams. Wonder what he’s been up to lately; he hasn’t done much work that I’ve seen. Maybe retired somewhat?

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