5/12/13 WEWRIWA

TBC front coverHi, friends and writers. This week I’m  exploring my beginning with Vanilla Heart Publishing with my first book To Be Continued.

Elizabeth Malone wakes up the morning after an amazing night of passion with her husband of forty years to find a note: “Dear Lizzie, it’s not you, it’s me.”
Abandoned by her husband, disappointed in daughter Susie’s casual attitude – ‘Dad’s having a mid-life crisis’, Beth decides to re-establish herself as the winner she once was.
When Frank Malone returns, he’s in for a big surprise!

                                                              Chapter 1

Sun sneaked through blinds,  her eyes shut tight not quite ready to open.

Elizabeth Malone wanted to revel in memories of the great sex she and Frank, her husband of forty years, had last night,  at his insistence, for God sake.  She practically had to seduce him before they did it anymore; was on the verge of suggesting those little blue pills the girls talked about, when out of nowhere he became amorous.  And it was great no, wonderful

Fingers crept along the sheets searching for her mate and groped to where Frank could was to be found

            most early mornings except on golf days or scheduled surgery.

Turning she called his name,  saw an envelope lying on top of the pillow.  A smile tugged at the corners

                                           of her mouth and she sat up.  

With care, one long polished nail sliced through the envelope.  The nail snagged on an edge and broke.  “Shit.        Nothing was going to spoil the moment because this was the first letter from Frank in all the years of

                      togetherness and she planned to keep it.  She withdrew the letter.

           Stumbling off the bed, letter clutched in her hand, she groped for reading glasses, found them, 

                           dropped them, on hands and knees patting the carpet, found them again. 

                            Now What newstyle 3DNaked on the floor, she read.


http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/7283 – one of the first ibookbuzz book club selections http://bit.ly/pfjmjshttp://www.amazon.com/Be-Continued-Charmaine-Gordon/dp/1935407430


27 thoughts on “5/12/13 WEWRIWA

  1. Patrick, thanks. This is the beginning of To Be Continued, my first book published by Vanilla Heart just three+ years ago. It’s an interesting journey with friends, family, adultery and a new start for the heroine.

  2. Poor woman! I’ve been married 40 years myself and would have a major meltdown if that happened to me. Beth is obviously a strong character though. Interesting scenario!

  3. I love that she can’t read the letter without her glasses.
    BTW, there’s something wrong with the format. What I’m seeing is that after the first paragraph the line breaks are off and the left edge of the text overlaps the bar at the edge.

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