A Moment With Susan Lucci. . .

A call came in with the casting director from All My Children. I’d never worked on the show. She said, “Charmaine, this won’t hurt you and it might be very good.. Take it.” Of course I grabbed the job with no idea what she meant until I got on set. Arriving at the studio I saw Ms. Lucci all 5’1” of her in high heels all ready at 7:a.m. and looking glamorous. Smiling at everyone like no other star of daytime drama. All the stars came in w/o make-up and never talked to anyone but their own kind. Except at Another World–but that’s another story.

I shared a dressing room with a pretty starlet getting a chance at a scene. Fun. Then came the explanation for my part de jour. A scene in the jail. My uh, husband, stage name Woody, was incarcerated and I was visiting. Erika Kane-better known as Susan Lucci Ms Daytime TV herself, was playing out a poignant scene with her current lover also in jail. I glanced at her with longing to be like her, free of my situation with jailbird crook hubby. Ah the drama of it all. CUT and Take, the director called and the moment ended.

I worked on the show many times for several years. Next time, I’ll tell more of my soap years.

Susan Lucci Heart Truth 2009.jpgThe lovely Susan Lucci

Thank you Wikipedia for the picture.

8 thoughts on “A Moment With Susan Lucci. . .

  1. Did it ever become just another job for you, or were you always aware of working with “Stars” and kind of awed, even a little bit?

  2. I entered the professional world in mid years after raising kids, Air Force years, cancer, near death experience and loss. I approached show business with a desire to be a small fish in the big pond and after my personal experiences, I had no fear or awe of anyone. Just the sheer delight of being there, a part of entertainment. I loved when I was actually on stage with a live audience hearing applause and response to my work. Does that answer your question, Linda?
    Oh one more thing, looking at a STAR, talking to a STAR I’d admire the way they’d spent years honing a craft and reaching the top. A lot of work goes into the finished product.

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