A Moment With James Kiberd. . .

Actually many moments with Jim Kiberd. We met at the Penguin Repertory Playhouse in Stony Point, NY upstate when director Joe Brancato cast Death of a Salesman. I had the good fortune of playing Linda Loman and James was my son Bif in Arther Miller’s classic play. After that came more plays, friendships grew, young actors moved on and Jimmy became James, well known in daytime drama. We reconnected when I began working ‘under fives’ and background on All My Children.acted in many of the plays with me

What a kick to see my old pal doing so well, painting ties for fans and his UNICEF work. A whole different side of him revealed plus his obvious love for the beautiful Susan Keith.

I worked as the emergency room nurse for a long time until a new casting director came in, reassessed my picture and decided I belonged in a different setting. Show biz . . .a sweet time.

Interesting, the twists and turns of life. My first husband acted with me in many plays at the Penguin Rep. He died suddenly twenty + years ago never to know I’d begin a new career later in life writing Romance/Suspense novels about women who learn to Survive & Thrive. Using my personal experience and knowing humor carries you through tough times, I write and now I have six published books to my credit with Vanilla Heart. Somewhere I believe he’s with me, maybe as I write.




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