5/26/2013 WEWRIWA

TBC front coverThanks and gratitude to the men and women in the Armed Forces who serve and protect our country. God Bless Them All.

On the lighter side, this is the last peek in the pages of To Be Continued, my first published novel with Vanilla Heart. You may recall, Beth Malone’s husband skipped out leaving a sitcom type note to his wife, “It’s not you, it’s me.” She’s pulling herself together in this eight after confiding to the pool guy, a hunk named Maverick, whom she’s never met before. He helps her leave a message on the answer machine.

excerpt in eight:

When a lop-sided grin spread across the pool guy’s rugged face Liz felt like a fool, sorry she trusted her thoughts to a stranger. And then Maverick said, “My name was John until one day I thought to myself I had enough of John and I became Maverick. Been feeling good ever since so Miz Malone, if Beth is what you want, say ‘bye to Liz and be Beth.”

With more confidence Beth left a message on the answer machine, “You’ve reached Beth Malone; please leave a message and thanks for calling.”

They walked out the back way and she gestured to the space over the pool when just for a moment, Beth felt like a kid as she spread her arms to the sky. “Have you ever built a heated enclosure?”

Maverick grinned, gave her his business card and she watched the white van drive away, a large calf, head looking over the shoulder, no brand to be seen, a maverick, separate from the herd was painted on the side.

Frank separated me from the herd when he left without warning, she thought and vowed to become the winner she once was.



http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/7283 – the ibookbuzz book club selection  http://bit.ly/pfjmjs



34 thoughts on “5/26/2013 WEWRIWA

  1. Yes !! She is regaining her powers ! She is going to be an amazing woman once again. The change of name is really well done and so significant in her change of personality.

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