6/2/2013 WeWriWa

Welcome dear readers and friends to another Sunday of eight line snippets fro a group of talented writers. My entry today is from  my second book Now What?, the second book published by Vanilla Heart. How many times have you railed against the sky arms out stretched when something’s gone wrong and you yell, “Now What?” Follow this story of loss, survive and thrive by a very determined woman age fifty and learn to laugh and love again asking Now What?

excerpt in eight:

It was 2:30 a.m. when the phone rang and I fumbled for it, my heart starting a race toward bad news.Our doctor’s voice urged me to hurry so  I crammed into clothes as if I expected this call. It was only a fever yet the dogs had curled up next to him on his favorite couch and never left his side all week. I cried all the way driving too fast on Eden’s Expressway and then the slow elevatorride to the fourth floor, a sprint down the dim corridor to his room. He lay on the hospital bed where I’d kissed him goodbye not so many hours before.

            I asked everyone leave me alone; settling in beside my Bob I held his cooling hand and asked the two words spoken many times during our years together, “Now what?”

This time there was no response. I was on my own for the first time.

for more snippets:


Now What newstyle 3D


Now What? is available at Amazon,B&N in print and ebooks


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