Vanilla Heart Publishing makes the BIG TIME!

There’s no stopping us now. As a core author with VHP the past three+ years, I’ve watched our fearless leader, Kimberlee Williams,  as she guides us through the mystery of writing good books. I do believe she can leap tall buildings with a single bound and now she’s proved it.

Reading the column Happy Ever After in USA Today, Vanilla Heart is right up there with Harlequin. Author S.R. Claridge’s latest release, Loose Ends, book 5 in her unique mystery/suspense Just Call me Angel series is ready, set, go.

Four FREE Chapters! Author S R Claridge‘s new release, Loose Ends, is available in all ebook and print formats, and with this free four chapter teaser, you will be hooked on the Just Call Me Angel Mystery Suspense series!
Loose Ends
Check it out. You’re in for an action filled story plus a lot of laughs.

4 thoughts on “Vanilla Heart Publishing makes the BIG TIME!

  1. So proud to be a part of VHP and in the company of writers like Susan Claridge & Charmaine Gordon! And Kimberlee Williams simply ROCKS!

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