5/9/13 WEWRIWA

Hi gang. Thanks for all the comments on “Now What?”, my third book published by Vanilla Heart. Suddenly widowed, Carly Evans struggles to find her way at age fifty as a single woman. Husband Bob had a heart attack two years before dying and stopped paying attention to her while he listened to his heart beat. Unresolved problems after so many years of togetherness leaves her with a feeling of longing.

excerpt in eight; a dream a few months after Bob died

I dreamed a wondrous dream as a glow in the woods beckoned me closer, a shadowy shape I couldn’t resist. Without fear, I moved into the shimmering layers of silver white, gold and purple. Enfolded in the sparkle of white light heat rocked my insides, shot through every opening, poured like liquid gold from head to toe until a final pulsating hammered at my feminine core. I cried out for my husband, knowing he was with me. Slow withdrawal as my heartbeat returned to normal and joy filled my life even though the glow of his spirit faded.

It wasn’t a dream I realized the next morning because Bob’s message was clear. He watched over me just as my mother, gone for many years, still remained close. This would be another well-kept secret from my friends; this gift of acceptance without fear when visitations from my departed occurred.

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Now What newstyle 3D


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