6/16/13 WEWRIWA

Welcome friends and writers to another Sunday. Father’s Day. Some are wonderful, some aren’t. We’re here and feeling just fine.

Thanks for the endearing and helpful comments. I appreciate the time we all take in reading each others eights.

Moving along in my book Now What?,widow Carly Evans meets Chicago’s most eligible bachelor at a red light.

excerpt in eight:

“Stopped at a red light listening to a hot chapter from a recorded novel, I suddenly couldn’t hear because a motorcycle pulled up next to me so I turned up the volume.  At the same moment, the bike’s loud growl became a purr and every word of passion from my speaker poured out the open window of my Mercedes.  Startled, I glanced at the biker hoping his helmet prevented the words from getting through to him; he lifted the visor and grinned displaying whiter than white teeth and dimples you could die for.  Not the best expression a widow might use but it came to mind.  The light turned green, he waved a leather glove and beckoned for me to follow.  

I must have been out of my mind because I followed him, dumber than dirt, that’s me.  I found a small can of hair spray deep in the handbag next to me, placing a finger on the trigger and hoping I wouldn’t spray myself, I followed the biker to a busy section and parked next to him.  By now, I’d rolled up the window and locked the doors; a mixed message if there ever was one.  Now what?”

for more snippets from talented writers


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24 thoughts on “6/16/13 WEWRIWA

  1. I really like this — she does something a lot of us wish we could do, but are too nervous about what might happen in the real world. I like living vicariously through characters 😀

  2. I laughed about his bike going to a purr lol- poor girl. One sentence did read awkward here- the one about the expression for a widow- it didn’t flow right. I don’t know what expression is referred to- his? but he’s not the widow right? She is?
    You don’t have to answer my questions- it’s only what I thought while I read.
    Great 8.

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